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August 20, 2003

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March 2nd, 2008
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Today on August 12, 2009's Community Corner 2009 has a very full schedule for JavaOne Day One (Tuesday)... Also:
JavaOne Spotlight News: JavaOne begins...

Java Today

Some big names on stage already: eBay, Rim,
Sony, Verizon, Intel. Stay tuned for a wrapup later on.

See you next week !

Or, stick The
in your favorite feed reader to get all the show news.

Or, follow The Planetarium
on Twitter
from the show.

If you believe everything that you
read, then you have some surprises in store at next week's JavaOne

A) Its
going to be the last one
B) Sun's
going to launch an app store

C) Microsoft
is giving a keynote


Here are some pictures from the Community One West 2009 earlier today ... \ And the evolving album at ... See ya tomorrow at JavaOne! Technorati: conf javaone sanfrancisco communityone...
Here are some pictures from the GlassFish Unconference concluded earlier today ... And then the pictures from Thirsty Bear party ... And the evolving album at ... See ya tomorrow at Community One! Technorati: conf javaone sanfrancisco glassfish thirstybear...
Learn what Davis Nguyen will be doing at JavaOne 2009. His hands-on-lab details are available here. All previous entries are tagged javaone+vidblog. Technorati: conf javaone vidblog sanfrancisco glassfish portfolio...


Sorry I was so terse earlier - I was waiting for the train, and wasn't
sure when I'd get to email again.

But to answer the second part of your question:

> On Jun 2, 2009, at 8:01 AM, Paulo Cesar Reis...

John Ferguson Smart wrote a very helpful introductory article on JAX-WS (service and client side) here: