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Holiday Pictures

December 12, 2003


As the year comes to an end, Duke and his family head off for their yearly vacation. You are invited to send us a picture of where you think he will go and what you think he will do. Between now and Friday, December 19, 2003, you can send your pictures of Duke on vacation to me at For example, here's a picture of Duke and his friends crossing Abbey Road.

The germ of this idea began with a picture that Manoel Lemos published in his Mobile Photo Blog - Duke family in Brazil. The picture featured "a whole family of Dukes waiting to cross the street to visit their cousin."

The picture originally appeared on in James Gosling's blog entry Duke's family out for a stroll in Brazil. Gosling credited Lemos and explained that "It is a picture of a bunch of "bean bags" being sold in the streets by local mobile merchants. Something very common in Brazil, it is what they call 'Camelos', or informal nomadic merchants."

This may be an excellent chance for you to take out your Duke stuffed toy and position him enjoying a week off from work. The submissions should be tasteful and appropriate for display on this web site. This is not a contest, but we will be happy to show some of the submissions the last week of this year while some members of the team are enjoying their vacations.

Daniel H. Steinberg runs and is former editor-in-chief of
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