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j1-2k7-mtW04: Enterprise Data Mashup Service (EDMS)

August 17, 2007

Enterprise Data Mashup Service Engine project aims at building a Open-Source JBI compliant Service Engine which features

  • Ability to create relational mapping for spreadsheets, flatfile, HTML table, xml sources (webrowset), XQuery Rowset
  • Using Netbeans Database Explorer to browse source tables
  • Drag-n-Drop these tables into the Mashup Editor to define the join conditions
  • Ability to view the resultset using the Mashup editor
  • View Cache Management
  • Transforming the response to various formats by composing the output with an XSLT Service Engine
  • ............

and thus provides the mashed up views of enterprise data from heterogenous sources. These pre-canned, materialized views
served by the EDM SE can be used by clients to build highly responsive and interactive Ajax powered web2.0 style enterprise
applications using existing client-side frameworks.

Slides of this presentation are available as a PDF file.

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Srinivasan Rengarajan currently works at Sun Microsystems, Bangalore where he is involved in the open-jbi-components project.
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