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Geronimo: An Advanced Look

August 5, 2004


Here are the first two chapters of Geronimo: A Developer's
. They cover installing, running, and playing around with
Geronimo. We've made them publicly available online to help bring
Geronimo and its anxious community closer together. The goal of the
Geronimo M2 release is to work out the bugs and oddities that come with
new code; these chapters are what you need get into the thick of
it all.

Feedback on Geronimo's functionality and all things buggy and glitchy should
be sent to .
Feedback on the chapters themselves and all things typo, text, or example
code-related should be sent to .
We have also set up a forum discussion that David Blevins will be moderating.

Examples of things to send the user list
include examples that won't run, or problems starting the
server. Examples of book-related feedback include suggestions for
better examples or improved readability, or questions about
unfunny and obscure jokes.

This text is a draft and hasn't gone through some of the usual
O'Reilly polish. Geronimo is still young and going through many
changes, which means this text may be largely different by the time it
reaches its published form. We offer it here for the benefit of
Geronimo and its community.

We are presenting these chapters as a PDF downloads. The file size is a little
over 45KB for Chapter 1, "Setting
up and Running Geronimo"
and 1MB for Chapter
2, "Deployment Options."

Note: Feedback for this article is turned off. Please use the above-mentioned venues and, in particular, post to the related forum discussion moderated by David Blevins.

David Blevins is co-founder and leader of the OpenEJB project and a founder of Apache Geronimo.
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