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Core Java Data Objects Excerpt

October 26, 2004


A Book Excerpt

There has been recent discussion of bringing together the JDO and EJB persistence models. You can get up to speed on the JDO side of the discussion with Core Java Data Objects. Chapter 3, "Getting Started with JDO," covers how JDO is able to transparently persist instances of Java classes, the basic JDO interfaces and how they are related, how to define a Java class that can be used with a JDO implementation, and how to connect to a datastore.

This book excerpt is from Core Java Data Objects, by Sameer Tyagi, Michael Vorburger, Keiron McCammon, and Heiko Bobzin , ISBN 0131407317, copyright 2004. All rights reserved.

This chapter is posted with permission from Prentice Hall PTR.

We are presenting this book excerpt as a PDF download. The file size is a little
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Started with JDO."


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