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Duke's Vacation 2004

December 23, 2004


Editor's note: Duke seems to be enjoying his time on the road. Here are some of the snapshots taken of Duke's Winter Vacation 2004. Thanks to those of you who submitted.

Jon Mountjoy, O'Reilly's editor of dev2dev, sends us this image of Duke somersaulting over the Edinburgh, Scotland water supply.

Duke in Scottish Borders


Suraj R sends this image of Duke on an Indian elephant taken in the Indian state of Kerala. He has even ensured that Duke has the stick that the Mahouts use to control the elephants.

Duke in Kerala


Mary Smaragdis sent in this shot of Duke hung (with the stockings) by the chimney with care.

Duke hung with the stockings


The JXTA Community's James Todd insists there are two Duke ornaments on this tree.

Duke on the Christmas Tree


It's probably easier to make out Duke in this classic shot by Head First Design Patterns co-author Eric Freeman.

Duke in a classic shot


Eric also sends his Java-powered holiday card.

Java powered holiday card


Daniel H. Steinberg runs and is former editor-in-chief of
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