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The JavaOne 2006 Community Corner podcasts

May 23, 2006

The JavaOne 2006 Community Corner podcasts

Over the course of three days, over 40 presenters offered 20-minute mini talks at the Community Corner in the booth at JavaOne 2006. Talks ranged on topics from assistive technologies for the deaf to 3D visualization of encyclopedia data, from JUGs to grids, from JDK translations to JDK bugfixes by non-Sun contributors.

This year, we recorded all the talks (except one... technical difficulties), and fed them out in the form of a podcast, so that those not at the show could still participate and learn from these presentations. The talks are also a good way for projects to promote themselves, as they can point visitors to the podcast files as a way of getting a quick 20-minute introduction to the project.

As a final round-up, we're presenting all the talks in order, linking to their announcement pages and their MP3's, allowing you to play or download a mini-talk directly. If you want to import them straight into iTunes or another podcatcher, you can subscribe by copying the feed URL into your podcatcher, and iTunes users can subscribe by simply following the iTunes Music Store link.

Tuesday, May 16

j1-2k6-mtT01: Gregg Wonderly on the Jini Community MP3 (18:29, 9525283 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtT03: Roger Brinkley on Brazilian Portugese JDK Translation Project MP3 (16:44, 8740699 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtT04: Java Champions Bruno Souza and Yakov Fain interview each other MP3 (21:55, 12297679 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtT07: Brian Pontarelli discusses the Savant build system MP3 (17:21, 5487758 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtT08: John Fallows discusses AJAX resource loading with Weblets MP3 (10:41, 5631293 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtT09: Jonas Jacobi discussees AJAX data fetching with Mabon MP3 (14:10, 7519010 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtT12: Pablo Bertorello on Connection Brokering via JXTA MP3 (10:54, 5850050 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtT13: Garret Rooney and Dan Rall on Subversion MP3 (17:00, 9227403 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtT15: Tom and Chris Cellucci on Mayflower (formerly Equinox) MP3 (18:32, 10071791 bytes)

Wednesday, May 17

j1-2k6-mtW01: Sundarh Athijegannatahan on project MP3 (10:38, 5521560 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtW02: Panel discussion with non-Sun JDK contributors Brian Harry, Jesse Sterr, and Andy Tripp MP3 (17:56, 9841526 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtW03: Dave Dorfman on Sun Grid as a Test-to-Scale Facility MP3 (22:04, 11064091 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtW04: Daniel deOliviera on Eight Years of DFJUG: A Vision MP3 (15:51, 8072384 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtW05: Sam Chance on Semantic Service Oriented Architecture MP3 (25:50, 13623099 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtW06: Bruce Boyes on Java Robot Swarm MP3 (18:20,9573300 bytes)
j1-2K6-mtW07: J.P. Petines on JEDI Updates MP3 (13:25, 6947527 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtW08: David Herron on JDK Packaging for Linux MP3 (18:45, 9512688 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtW09: William Pietri on Mifos, InfoSys to Fight Poverty MP3 (18:42, 10100212 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtW10: Interviews with Java Champion Dr. Barry Levine and Fairness Board member Ken Arnold MP3 (19:31, 10865192 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtW11: Fernando Lozano on the State of F/OSS Java VM's MP3 (25:49, 13227231 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtW12: Pablo Bertorello on a Distributed File System Using JXTA MP3 (5:06, 2771019 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtW13: Edgar Silva on Greenbox in Detail MP3 (13:33, 7213575 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtW14: Chris Adamson on Lloyd Extends QuickTime for Java MP3 (26:42, 13767065 bytes)

Thursday, May 18

j1-2k6-mtH01: Dan Hushon on Sun Grid Developer Experience and API Development MP3 (18:59, 10373933 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtH02: Robert Larson on CollabNet MP3 (23:51, 11915126 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtH03: Fernando Lozano on Fedora Core Linux Bundled Java Apps MP3 (21:21, 11040326 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtH05: Klaasjan Tukker on NL-JUG, Orange Everywhere MP3 (22:38, 11640786 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtH06: Keith Thompson on Rapid Development of Sun Grid Applications using Compute Server MP3 (25:20, 12681158 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtH07: Milton Lapido on Virtual Health @ WHO MP3 (23:18, 11660425 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtH08: David Walend on Missing Pieces in Generics MP3 (18:08, 9168658 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtH09: Sivakumar Thyagarajan on Availability features in the Generic RA for JMS MP3 (12:16, 6315490 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtH10: Patrick McKercher on KWeb3D MP3 (23:39, 12110605 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtH11: Brian Zambrano on A Flexible System for Real-Time Oceanographic Monitoring MP3 (16:55, 8996334 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtH12: (Bill) Long Huynh on JDDAC's Sensor Management Framework MP3 (21:47, 11833174 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtH13: Arno Puder on Computing Key Performance Indicators from Sensor Data MP3 (26:08, 13101712 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtH14: Fabrizio Gianneschi on The "JUG Sardegna for AVIS" project: a Community experience MP3 (21:30, 10841174 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtH15: Daniel deOliveira on Rybena: Java cell phone for the deaf community MP3 (16:12, 8158082 bytes)
j1-2k6-mtH16: Paulo Silveira and Evandro Machodo on Mouse Gestures Plugin for NetBeans MP3 (14:52, 7522806 bytes)
Chris Adamson is the former editor of
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