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Jini Beyond the Choir

September 28, 2006


Editor's Note: Daniel Steinberg gave a presentation at the recent 10th Jini Community Meeting on Jini's aspirations, limitations, and perception. In "Beyond the Choir," he looked at the assumptions behind the perceptions and realities of successful technologies, and prodded the Jini community to start asking itself some new questions about where it wants to go and how to get there.

Matching the audacious material, the form of the presentation was a marked change from the usual six-bullet-point slides. Using single words or phrases and transitions to make his points--and to counter-point his discussion--he offered a surprising and compelling presentation, seemingly inspired in part by post-PowerPoint punditry like Kathy Sierra's "Stop your presentation before it kills again!" Consider this: his 13-minute presentation has 120 slides.

Given the intellectual appeal of the topic and the innovative presentation, I asked Daniel to re-create his presentation by recording the audio and then building a video track from the slides, with transitions where appropriate. The result is an MPEG-4 video that you can watch with most modern video players. Should you just want to listen, we're also providing just the audio as an MP3.

Please take a look, or a listen, and let us know what you think of this format, and of Daniel's ideas for the future of Jini.

Presentation Files

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Daniel H. Steinberg runs and is former editor-in-chief of
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