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Mobile and Embedded Podcast 1: Introduction to the Community

April 23, 2007

This week we launch the new Mobile and Embedded Community podcast
series with an introduction to the community. Leader Roger
Brinkley and Technical Evangelist Terrence Barr describe the
resources available for Mobile and Embedded developers.
They also explain how to get started hosting a project on,
how to get your questions answered in the
forums, and how to stay up to date with the world of Mobile and
Embedded by checking out the news, articles and blogs on the community
home page
. Terrence and Roger also introduce a feature called "What's
Cool and Pet Peeves."

Download Audio

Right-click or Control-click to download this MP3 file. You can also subscribe to the Mobile and Embedded Podcast Feed to get the latest podcast automatically.

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Daniel H. Steinberg runs and is former editor-in-chief of
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